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Your Furry Friend's Home Away from Home

Mount Hope Stable Rules


1. Smoking on the property is prohibited.
2. Helmets must be worn by riders under 18 years old when riding,
3. Riders, while riding, must wear riding boots with heels.
4. All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while riding..
5. Pick up manure in the arena when done riding.
6. Always keep gates and stall doors closed.
7. Drive slowly, horses and riders have the right of way. Park in designated areas.
8. Dogs are allowed on leashes.
9. Do not leave horses unattended in cross wash rack area.
10. Wash Rack must be kept clean. Once finished turn off the water, roll up the hoses and clean up any 
     manure. Always conserve water.
11. Tack room, cross ties, wash racks, and bathrooms must be kept orderly and clean at all times.
12. The barn closes at ten. Arena lights must be turned off by 10 p.m. 
13. It is the responsibility of the horse owners that regular deworming and yearly vaccinations be administered.
14. Horses are not to be tied to stall doors or stall fronts.
15. Each horse must have a halter and lead rope hanging near stall door.
16. All feed and supplements must be kept in a labeled deer and rodent proof container. Storing feed in feed bags is not permitted. Grain spills must be        swept up and discarded.
17. Any boarding suggestions, concerns or requests should be discussed with George and Jacque Johnson.
18. There are to be no barn or equipment modifications without the approval of Mount Hope Stables.
19. Please be respectful of the clients.

Cooperation and respect for the stable rules will help us maintain an efficient, pleasant and safe environment for everyone. Thank you for your help in keeping up the standards of safe riding and good horsemanship.Your presence and use of the property acknowledges the acceptance of the foregoing rules and policies.